Menushare: The most engaging way for people to connect and socialize over a meal.

Menushare is a web-based platform that enables distant friends, families and business peers share a meal or drink as if at same location, by enabling them to view shared menus, make single payment for all and communicate through HD video.

*Smartphone version is under development.

The Problem

Friends, family, business peers lose touch due to distance and lack of bonding activity.

Use of a traditional activity to warm up distant relations is not available.

A long drive from home or office may not always be practical to meet a friend.


Menushare allows one to:
Bring friends / family closer through a traditional, yet very popular activity among all age groups and cultures

Improve business relations by enabling the host to pay and entertain distantly

Expand restaurant’s traditional footprint from local to regional or even global

Market Opportunity

Unite diners accross the globe through Menushare. Bring people from diverse backgrounds and cultures closer through sharing a meal, hosting others and being entertained as guests of someone

Menushare is a transformational concept that will change lives and the social landscape more than any other social media platforms because it is based on the most popular and necessary life activity in the world.

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Turns restaurant potential customer base from local to regional, national and even global. Increase in revenue.

Increase revenues from across country or international family events, special events, dating, charity events, etc.

Increase table space by better use of walls and corners. Video usage will generate additional revenues on top of food bills.

High potential for business usage to save travel times – whether local, regional or international. Promote to business.


Save on time, parking, gas, travel. Perfect for first date. Large groups can now choose different restaurants.


Great for family entertainment. Mothers Day, Fathers, Birthday, Take Grandma in Florida out and vice versa. Traveling dad joins family event.


Entertain poor children through food events for kids across country or continents on Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

Social / Environment

Reduce carbon footprint, reduce traffic, save time, improve efficiency, increase economic activity.